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Aidaidorf is a Gerudo settlement, built around the Spirit Temple in the Gerudo Desert, north of Ashinon. The settlement in-game is mostly set inside the Temple, with only a small town outside.


The Spirit Temple is an ancient monument built by the Gerudo to honour their dead Warlords. Women who died in glorious battle were occasionally entombed there as well. After the male population died out the Spirit Temple was largely abandoned and few pilgrims enter the main foyer to pay their respects to the dead nowadays. The small city outside the temple serves as little more than an oasis for travellers between the Gerudo Desert and the Cliffs to the west where the Zuna and Darknuts reside.


As a largely interior level, infantry play a very heavy role. The passages inside the Spirit Temple are relatively wide for an indoor structure, so troops will only occasionally have to bottleneck into doorways. Archers can fire arrows from balconies on the second floor of the temple, while invaders will have to pick one of four passageways that lead to the plaza deep within the Temple's core.

Creator's NotesEdit

As the first interior level for the game, the Spirit Temple was a big experiment in figuring out what could and could not work for that idea. The look of the temple was of course inspired from its Ocarina of Time counterpart. Many of the features from that game including the entry foyer and the giant goddess statue were kept. The layout and width of corridors were expanded upon however to accommodate large armies.