The Exile, Master of Blades








c. 200 BG
Gerudo Cliffs



Zuna Gilded Sword, Zuna Gilded Khopesh

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Alros is a Darknut Mercenary that has operated in all corners of Hyrule.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Alros is a muscular male Darknut with black fur and red eyes. He is notable for going into battle without any armor. He proudly wears golden warpaint on his chest so that his enemies may spot him in battle and know he is coming for them.


Alros is a proud warrior to the core, ever eager to prove his worth and the worth of his martial philosophy in battle. In stark contrast to the warriors of the Legion, Alros refuses to wear armor in battle, seeing its excessive weight as a liability. He trusts instead in his own speed and swords for protection, and enjoys taunting enemies into trying to land a blow on him. Though generally gregarious and jovial when not on the battlefield, Alros harbors a deep resentment towards the Legion for his exile. Such resentment does not stop him from occasionally working with the Legion, as he considers fighting alongside his brethren a perfect opportunity to prove the superiority of his fighting techniques.


Ancient AgeEdit


Alros was once a general in the Darknut Legion, second only to Zalunbar in authority. All that changed during a battle against the Gerudo, in which his army was out-maneuvered and crushed by his lighter, faster opponents. For his defeat, Alros and his closest followers were stripped of their ranks and exiled from the Legion, denied even the right to join the Dishonored.

Rather than wallow in shame, Alros embraced his new-found freedom. Believing it was the Legion's reliance on heavy armor that had caused his defeat, he developed a new fighting style, one that focused on speed rather than durability.

Since his exile, Alros and his band have worked as mercenaries, offering their considerable skills to any who can pay his price. Freed from the weight of their armor, Alros and his warriors fight with stunning agility. Foes are dismembered before they can raise their swords, and arrows are deflected with contemptuous ease. Though Alros charges an exorbitant price for his services, none who see him in action can deny he is worth the cost.

Over the years, Alros has fought at the forefront of countless battles, and amassed a massive fortune through his many victories. The Exile spends little of it though, and hoards it in a secret cave in the cliffs of his homeland. His plan is to build an army with his fortune, and use it to overthrow the Legion once and for all. Only time will tell whether his scheme succeeds.

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