A Map of Hyrule in the Ancient Age.

The Ancient Age (5000 BG - 2 BG) is the first of the eight eras in the history of Hyrule. It takes place five millennia before The Rise of Ganon and the birth of the first Princess Zelda.

This part of the Hyrule Historia campaign follows King Gustaf and the Ancient Hylians as they battle a power hungry Sage, crusading Darknuts, and the Moblin deity known as Demise. The fate of Ikana and the origin of Hylia is also revealed.


The earliest historical records of Hyrule are mostly lost to time, with the only complete records being those in religious text such as the Book of Mudora and the Scrolls of Hyrule. During this period of time many current empires were in their infancy or non existent. The Ancient Hylians for example had small keeps but no true Kingdom during this era. Other large nations during this time include the The Wind Tribe, who ruled the lands of Holodrum far to the east, the Darknut Legion, who controlled most of the Gerudo Desert, the early Zora Dominion in central-east Hyrule, the Huskus who controlled most of the Kokiri Forest, and the vast Kingdom of Ikana to the south.


The Fallen Sage (5000 BG)Edit

Sulkaris, one of the first Sages to have been created by the Golden Goddesses, has been exiled from the Sacred Realm to Hyrule. Twisting her power and bringing knowledge to the insidious Gohma, the Fallen Sage has engaged a genocidal campaign against all who follow the Goddesses with an unending tide of the arachnid spawn. King Gustaf of the Hylians and Emperor Torkulon of the Huskus have been retreating south to the fortress of Nal Ordona to hold out against the Gohma. Unfortunately Sulkaris herself has managed to catch up with Gustaf's forces in the middle of the Ordona Plains. Now King Gustaf must hold out against the Fallen Sage and her superior swarm of Gohma. The fate of Hyrule will be determined this day.

Windbreaker (4992 BG)Edit

There are few records of the Wind Tribe and their involvement in the history of Hyrule. The only records that remain are the eight years of peace between them and the newly formed Kingdom of Hyrule following the defeat and imprisonment of Sulkaris. During this time vast armies of Darknuts began an eastern crusade to take the magic of the Wind Tribe. After nearly five years of bloody war the members of the Wind Tribe deemed it time to leave Hyrule and ascend to the skies. Queen Siroc now travels from Hyrule with the last civilians of the Wind Tribe. A gauntlet of Darknuts lead by the enigmatic "Black Knight" stand before her with the intent on slaughtering the last civilians and stealing their secrets. Fortunately, King Gustaf of the Kingdom of Hyrule favours the Wind Tribe and their Queen dearly, and has offered unconditional support in escorting the last of the Wind Tribe to their skyward ascent.

Torn Asunder (4962 BG)Edit

The Kingdom of Ikana was perhaps the greatest and most powerful empire that spanned across Hyrule in all of known history. During the time of the Ancient Hylians they controlled a vast majority of the land and maintained a prosperous civilisation. The fall of Ikana came shortly after the death of King Gustaf when the entire Kingdom rapidly devolved into a three way Civil War. King Igos du Ikana suspected that Captain Keeta was plotting with the Garo to overthrow him and take over the Kingdom. He also suspected that his daughter Gomess, designer of the Stone Tower Temple, was also planning to overthrow and take over him. In truth all three parties were being manipulated by Majora who planted the suspicions in Igos, the ambition in Keeta, and the temptation of power in Gomess. All three forces eventually clashed in the capital of Ikana where the doom on the Kingdom was finally decided.

Demise of a Goddess (4955 BG)Edit

With the ancient being Demise now in command of Moblin armies, the Kingdom of Hyrule faced extinction. In a desperate move the Mages of Hyrule created a powerful being in the form of Hylia to counter the Moblins and their dark deity. Hylia was perhaps too successful, the Hylians began to worship her and her power and as a result her ego elevated to godlike stature. Now stuck in the belief that she is superior to all in Hyrule, Hylia marches out with her armies to slaughter and commit genocide against the Moblin Kingdoms and put a stop to the rampage of Demise.


  • The events of the Ancient Age, unlike those of the later eras, do not get undone in the Freeform Campaign when Link returns to the past, destroying history.

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