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The Ancient Hylians are a planned playable faction in Hyrule Conquest. They are the ancestors of the modern Sheikah, Hylians, Gerudo, Ordonians, Horonians, Labrynnians, and Twili.


The Ancient Hylians represent the group of people that existed from roughly five thousand years before Princess Zelda to the ending reign of Hylia. During this time they generally did not refer to themselves collectively as Hylians, and this term was later applied to them by modern scholars. Ancient Hylians share many traits of modern Hylians. Where they differ is their affinity for magical arts, their notable red eyes, and their notably more humble attitude regarding their place in the world. It was common for the Ancient Hylians to operate under confederations with their more powerful neighbors such as the Huskus and the Wind Tribe, and at various points of history two or more of these peoples acted as one nation. Until the arrival of Hylia, the Ancient Hylians were strictly patriarchal. Only men were allowed positions of power and women were relegated to either mundane tasks or forced into magical study since they were naturally more attuned with those forces. At best they could hope to be footsoldiers in an army. With the arrival of Hylia however, the Hylian culture took a complete turn and became matriarchal. There is no exact date that the Ancient Hylians were no longer recognized as such, rather they became modern Hylians in the long transition from Hylia's disappearance to the rise of Princess Zelda.

Strengths, Weakness and AbilitiesEdit

  • Plains Fighter: The Ancient Hylians excel at combat on open plains.



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Legendary FigureEdit

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