Arurodas are a species of giant scorpions, descended from the ancient Gohma, native to Lanayru Province.

Description Edit

Scorpion beasts native to the sands of Lanayru, Aururodas are considered an extremely dangerous pest by many civilizations in Hyrule. The Zora of Lanayru Province have found ways to adapt and avoid their aggressive seasons and rarely run into problems with the creatures. If caught at a young enough age, Arurodas could be domesticated and used as beasts of war.

Role Edit

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Beast Damages morale of all non-beast units
Burrow Invisible when running
Wide Arc Can attack multiple enemies at once
Aquatic Can operate in water with no penalty

Recruitment Edit

Arurodas can be recruited by Lanayru Province in the Aruroda Burrows. Gohma armies on an infestation can recruit them as mercenaries in the region of Lanayru Province.