The Assassin is a Sheikah Cadre agent in Hyrule: Total War's freeform campaign capable of killing other faction's heroes and agents.


An assassin costs 500 rupees and requires a settlement to have at least the Shadow Network. Assassins are only recruitable by the Sheikah - other factions can only acquire them via bribery.


Obviously, an assassin kills people - any character not of your faction can be targeted by an assassin. Assassins can also sabotage buildings, removing their benefits from the settlement. An assassin's mission can end in one of three outcomes:

  • The mission succeeds and the assassin escapes.
  • The mission fails, but the assassin escapes.
  • The mission fails, the assassin is captured and killed.

The assassin's main stat is Subterfuge - assassins with higher Subterfuge are more likely to kill their targets or successfully sabotage buildings. Subterfuge can be gained through successful kills or ancillaries - note that sabotage missions will only grant traits and retinue that boost sabotage odds, and that assassins can not tell what buildings are in a settlement for some reason - spies can rectify this situation, though. As one would expect, sabotage missions are much easier to carry out than assassination missions; however, buildings can be rebuilt. If a target manages to survive an assassination attempt, he/she becomes more wary of assassins and thus harder to kill.

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