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Aunomouzan is a spirit that has established himself as the god of the world long after the events of Hyrule: Total War and its expansions.


Aunomouzan possesses a statue of a giant, radiant golden Hylian with a damaged head, only one glowing cyan eye and a very prominent beard. The statue's body is naked and decorated with shapes in the form of constellations.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Aunomouzan's powers are unremarkable outside of his biological immortality and large size. Most of his power comes from his army of machine brain squid.

History Edit

Aunomouzan was a spirit created by the Golden Goddesses, much like Fi and Ghirahim. Millennia after Hyrule and its history have faded away, he sets out to malevolently erase all history and truth in order to convince the majority of the world to proclaim him as the creator and rightful leader.

Quotes Edit

  • Everything you have ever looked up to has fallen. Everything in your past that you had loved has perished. All knowledge you have gathered and assembled within your mind and your heart will be erased. And so I shall make history anew in my image. Do not fret, you are not at fault. This is what the people of Hyrule had wrought, despite everything that had been done on the part of you, their idolatry prevailed in the end. And what do they have for it now? Nothing. An entire history, an entire culture wasted, gone, dead. All for the sake of upholding the name they love rather than the character and integrity behind such a name. All that mattered to them was the banner they followed, not what the banner meant. And now they will reap what they have sown, and played their fate right into my hands. What say you then, fellow Spirit?
  • Let it all fade. Let Hyrule be forgotten, forever. It's not worth it. All good things... come to an end.
  • Such is the power of idolatry! Such will be my reign, forever and ever! Such will all forget the names of the Gods of Hyrule! History will proclaim but me on a pedestal! The one true maker and king of the world!"