The Aura, also referred to as the Light Force by Picori and Blood of the Gods by the Ancient Hylians is the magical source of the Oocca's power. It physically manifests as brightly glowing blue energy.

Characteristics Edit

The Aura is a mystical source of energy from which all Oocca weaponry and construct draw their power. It can give life to the inanimate and is used to construct everything from Ooccas' bodies to their robotic soldiers.

It can also be channeled by the Oocca for "Cleansings" in which the power of the Aura is focused into a gargantuan blast of energy fire by a structure mounted on the bottom of the City of the Sky which obliterates anything it touches in a massive blast of blue fire and upturned earth, followed by a powerful but nonlethal cascade of blue energy as a sort of aftershock. All that remains from its effect is a crater of molten glass.