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Baral's Stand is an ancient Darknut citadel and prison located in Baral Gorge in the northwestern Gerudo Desert.

Etymology Edit

Baral's Stand is name in honor of Baral, a Darknut Deity who helped found the Legion. Legend holds that it is the site where where Baral alone held off an entire army.


Ancient Age Edit

Baral's Stand was the the site of the last battle of the Cliff Lords' ancient civil war prior to the foundation of the Legion. It would come to be used as a fortress and prison for enemies of the Legion for the following millennium.

Second Golden Age Edit

With the end of the Gerudo Wars, Ganondorf is transferred from Hylian custody into the hands of the Darknut Legion and imprisoned in Baral's Stand by Yaraxonal for over 25 years, despite pleas from his wife Nabooru.

Hyrule in Chaos Edit

Ganondorf is able to escape Baral's Stand with the aid of his adopted mothers Koume and Kotake.