A Battle is a single-player or online skirmish on the Battle Map between up to 8 factions. It is one of the three playable game modes of Hyrule: Total War along with Hyrule Historia and the Freeform Campaign. Unlike the Freeform Campaign, all factions are playable in Battles, including NPC Factions. Battles can either be a Custom Battle, in which player selects the factions, map, and features of the battle, or a Quick Battle, which is entirely randomized.

Gameplay Modes Edit

Custom Battles currently support the Stock Medieval 2: Total War gameplay modes. Field Battles (battlefields lacking a settlement) can be played as either Last Man Standing or Scored Resolution. Maps with settlements have only one option- Siege Assault.

Last Man Standing Edit

Player must kill or route all enemy forces.

Scored Resolution Edit

The army with the highest score (either a preset or the highest when the time runs out) wins the battle.

Siege Assault Edit

Attacking faction must breach a settlement's defenses and either kill all defending forces or take the central point (denoted by the enemy's flags) for 2 minutes, while Defender must kill/route all enemy forces or hold them at bay until the time limit runs out.

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