Bonemold Monks
Twi bonemold

Main Colour

Dark Blue


No Deity Worship



Faction Theme

Marching Themes

Battle Themes

The Bonemold Monks are a playable faction in Shadows of Hyrule: Total War.


History Edit

First Golden Age Edit

The Bonemold Monks were founded in the Twili Empire by descendants of the Dark Interlopers seeking to preserve what was left of the Sheikah bloodlines among the Twili.

Many centuries after the group's founding, the ruling King Mizorant finds himself at odds with the Bonemold Monks due to their insistence on maintaining the old ways. His assassination and Princess Midna's coronation as a puppet of the Great Fairies of Twilight lead to widespread malcontent and the festering of a rebellion, led by Prince Zant. Taking advantage of this, the Bonemold Monks spread discontent throughout the empire, urging a return to the old ways, and are rounded up and imprisoned within the fortress of Valran by Midna.

In need of an army, Zant launches a raid of the prison with the remnants of his father's bodyguard, freeing the Bonemold monks and many other criminal Twili. The Order agrees to aid him in exchange for the lands west of Valran and vengeance on the Princess.

The Great Sea Edit

The Bonemold Monks become aware of the Eclipse through excavated examples, and seek to exploit them as tools.




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