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Chasen Lindsey
, commonly known by his online identity UndyingNephalim, is the creator of Hyrule: Total War, its expansions, as well as several other The Legend of Zelda-related material.

Opinion on the Zelda seriesEdit

  1. Link's Awakening - 10/10 Perfect
  2. Oracle of Seasons - 9/10 Near Perfect
  3. Oracle of Ages - 9/10 Near Perfect
  4. Majora's Mask - 9/10 Near Perfect
  5. Ocarina of Time - 9/10 Near Perfect
  6. Twilight Princess- 8/10 Freaking Awesome
  7. A Link to the Past - 8/10 Freaking Awesome
  8. The Minish Cap - 7/10 Great
  9. The Adventure of Link - 6/10 Worth a playthrough
  10. The Legend of Zelda - 6/10 Worth a playthrough
  11. The Wind Waker - 6/10 Worth a playthrough
  12. Skyward Sword - 5/10 Only if you are a fan of Zelda
  13. Four Sword Adventures - 5/10 Only if you are a fan of Zelda
  14. Phantom Hourglass - 5/10 Only if you are a fan of Zelda
  15. Spirit Tracks - 4/10 Play at your own risk

UndyingNephalim has given A Link Between Worlds a "Solid B" stating that it is "Just up there under the best of the best in the series." He has likewise given Hyrule Warriors a "Solid B" as well, describing it as "insane fun but ultimately shallow and meaningless fan service" and continued by saying it was "simultaneously the best and worst Zelda game I have ever played."

He has not played Four Swords.

Timeline of Hyrule: Total WarEdit

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