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The Cobble Kingdom is a planned playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The Cobble Kingdom was once a mighty nation to the far northeast of Hyrule that rivalled the Lokomo and Oshus Empire. At the peak of their power they employed ingenious construction techniques and created massive cities that dwarfed their rivals. They were infamous for their massive constructs which they would unleash in battle.

During their conflict with the Lokomo and Oshus Empire, the Cobble Kingdom remained loyal to Bellum throughout the war. When the Ocean King unleashed his unstoppable Phantom Army on a genocidal rampage, massive armies of the Cobble Kingdom fell to their endless and tireless march. In short order the entire Kingdom collapsed, and the last of their people retreated deep within their monumental tombs and entered a long enchanted sleep. For centuries the last of the Cobble have rested beneath the earth while the Oshus Empire and Lokomo became extinct.

Now awakened by the arrival of explorers from Hyrule, the Cobble Kingdom has returned to reclaim their glory. Though they lack the technological sophistication they once had, the Cobble Kingdom still has a tech advantage over the other factions of the Great Sea, particularly in construction. The true strength of the Cobble Kingdom's military might is their artificial constructs. These soulless beings are immune to all moral effects and can take on superior numbers. Their largest constructs are able to assist their navies in ocean operations. The Cobble Navy does not stand out in particular, though it is decent enough to get the job done.

Physiology Edit

The Cobble are members of one of the most widespread races in Hyrule, being members of the same species as Hylians, Sheikah, Ordonians, Gerudo, Horonians, Lokomo, and Labrynnians. As no visual examples of their race have been shown, their traits are unknown.

Cobble city

a drowned city of the Cobble Kingdom.


Standard Edit



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