Agahnim's Descent
Hyrule Historia
Mission #25
The Crime of Idols

Confronting Ganondorf is the twenty-fifth Hyrule Historia mission, the ninth in the Gerudo Wars arc. With Agahnim dead and the cooperation of Gerudo and Darknuts abolished, the Kingdom of Hyrule strikes back and unleashes a year long campaign to reclaim their lands. With the tables turned they now invade Ashinon to confront Ganondorf and bring an end to the Gerudo people. As he and his people face extinction, a young Nabooru receives visions from a mysterious Darknut and the Wizzrobe send Link on his first mission.

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 25 Playthrough38:03

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 25 Playthrough


  • Midna: With the fall of Agahnim and the alliance between Gerudo and Darknut broken the Kingdom of Hyrule pounced.
  • Midna: Over the next year they would push the Gerudo back and reclaim their lands.
  • Midna: The war had completely reversed and now the Gerudo faced their extinction.

POV switches to Link and Lana in the Gerudo Desert.

  • Lana: How come you don't have to wear a uniform like me?
  • Link: I guess the Wizzrobe like me more than you.
  • Nostrum: Link, Lana, don't wander off too far ahead.
  • Nostrum: This is your first mission outside of the Cathedral.
  • Nostrum: Do you even remember your goal?
  • Lana: Hylia needs all the Sages she can find, and one is stuck out here in the desert.
  • Link: Who is this Sage?
  • Nostrum: A traitor close to the Gerudo throne will lead the way.
  • Lana: Nice and vague as always.
  • Lana: Hey, wait for me! (chases after Link)
  • Carock: Don't youthink the warzone will be too much for them, father?
  • Nostrum: We can't afford to shelter them anymore, Carock.

POV switches to Nabooru standing in front of a mysterious Darknut, while a sandstorm surrounds both of them.

  • Yaraxonal: Find me...
  • Nabooru: You keep saying that... how can I find you?
  • Yaraxonal: Find me...
  • Nabooru (wakes up and realises she was dreaming): Ganondorf? (walks to Ganondorf's throne room)
  • Ganondorf: What do you want?
  • Nabooru: I had the dream again.
  • Ganondorf: I don't care, Nabooru.
  • Nabooru: Ganondorf this is no ordinary dream!
  • Nabooru: At least let me investigate Ontheon.
  • Ganondorf: The enemy is on our doorstep and you would leave me for some dream?
  • Nabooru: Ganondorf please listen...
  • Ganondorf: You are my wife and you will be at my side in battle!
  • Koume (shows up with Kotake): It is just a dream dear, there is no significance to it.
  • Kotake: Best to put it out of your mind.
  • Ganondorf: How far are the Hylians?
  • Koume: We can see them on the horizon.
  • Ganondorf (stands up): Arm yourselves, I'll meet you all on the gatehouse.
  • Nabooru (leaves Ganondorf's room and speaks to Senturon): If you want Ganondorf's help, you'll have to ask him yourself.
  • Senturon: He and the witches were in league with Vaati, I cannot risk being discovered.
  • Nabooru: So you are saying my only choice is to betray my people?
  • Senturon: Helping me is the only way to save the Gerudo.

POV switches to Ganondorf and the Twinrova sisters watching the invading Hylian army from the gatehouse.

  • Ganondorf: Two years ago the tables were reversed.
  • Kotake: And they will again so long as you live.
  • Ganondorf: Are the Moldorm traps ready?
  • Koume: Yes.
  • Ganondorf: When the Hylians reach the gate, unleash them.

POV switches to the Hylian army.


Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Kingdom of Hyrule


In Ganondorf's palace.

  • Nabooru: Ganondorf, the city is lost! Let us retreat!
  • Ganondorf: So long as I stand, the city stands!
  • Ganondorf (encounters Link and Lana): Now they send foolish boys into battle? (steps up against Link)
  • Nabooru: Leave them alone, they are just children!
  • Nabooru (stops Ganondorf with a scimitar next to his neck): Run you two while you have the chance!
  • Nabooru (releases Ganondorf after Link and Lana run away): I'm so sorry... (flees)

Ganondorf is cornered and captured by the Hylians. POV switches to Nabooru.

  • Lana (encases Nabooru in a bubble): Looks like we found our traitor!

Ganondorf is brought in front of General Kazakk.

Ganondorf kneels.

  • Kazakk: We now have a clear march to Ontheon.
  • Kazakk: After we rescue the Princess, she will judge you.
  • Kazakk: I'm certain she will execute you for murdering her mother.
  • Ganondorf: I have no words for you Hylian tyrants.

POV switches to the Twinrova sisters.

  • Kotake: Can we salvage this defeat?
  • Koume: As the brains between us I have come up with a plan.
  • Kotake: You, the smart one? (laughs)

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