Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
King nohansen by undyingnephalim


Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule


King of Hyrule






Maldra Nohansen Hyrule (wife)
Princess Nylin Zelda I (daughter)
Unnamed Prince (son)



1 BG
Hyrule Castle, Hyrule Prime, Kingdom of Hyrule


Goddess Sword

Music Themes

King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule was the last King of Hyrule in the Nohansen Hyrule dynasty.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Daphnes Nohensen was a stout male Hylian with blue eyes and white hair and beard. He has rather strong endurance despite his age, as he survives for some time after being hurled across Hyrule Castle's throne room by Ganon.


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Ancient Age Edit

Daphnes was the last monarch of the nearly five-millennium old Nohansen Hyrule dynasty, which took power following Hylia's disappearance. During his reign he moved the capital of the Kingdom from its traditional seat at Snowpeak to the newly-built city of Hyrule Prime.

Rise of GanonEdit

After Ganon captures his daughter Princess Nylin Zelda I at Lon Lon Ranch, King Nohansen orders the Triforce to be moved from his throne room in Hyrule Castle to the Water Temple underneath Lake Hylia.

Nohansen is present when the united Moblin, Darknut and Dark Interloper armies march upon Hyrule Prime. Although the Hylians put up a fight, the city falls, and Ganon confronts Nohansen in the throne room. Nohansen refuses to surrender, and decides to mock the Moblin king, accusing him of seeking the Triforce only for destroying the Hylians and conquer the world. Ganon, enraged by Nohansen's speech, throws him across the room, mortally wounding him.

At the same time, the renegade Sheikah Bongo enters the throne room, asking Nohansen where he placed the Triforce. Nohansen refuses to reveal the Triforce's location, but Bongo uses Dethl's Eye of Truth to read his mind, discovering the Triforce's new cradle: Lake Hylia. Before King Nohansen dies, Ganon allows Zelda to speak to her father for one last time before having her executed as well. The King asks his daughter to avenge him. Just after he dies, Impa suddenly enters the room, kills the Moblin executioner and frees Zelda.

It was Ganon's wish to resurrect those killed in the Hylian-Moblin wars, including Nohansen, but this wish never came to pass as he was lead astray by Bongo, who told him that the Triforce was at Spectacle Rock, allowing Zelda to kill him without him being able to find the holy artefact.


  • The Prince that King Nohansen mentions just before his death is a reference to the nameless Prince of Hyrule mentioned in the game manual of The Legend of Zelda and The Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link.
Preceded by:
Daphnes Nohansen Dynasty
c. 4955 BG - 1 BG
King of Hyrule
Unknown - 1 BG
Succeeded by:
Nylin Zelda I
(as Princess of Hyrule)

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