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The Death Mountain Crater is a Goron settlement, located next to Spectacle Rock, the highest peak in the Death Mountain range, and the location of the Fire Temple. The Goron capital, Gor Goronon, lies south of it.


The crown of Death Mountain is one of the most inhospitable places in all of Hyrule, the Crater houses the Fire Temple and was once the throne of the ancient Volvagians. The Gorons and Hylians constructed the Fire Temple together underneath Spectacle Rock, which remains intact despite contact with magma and lava courtesy of Goron engineering and Sage magics. In modern times a small city grew around the Fire Temple as Gorons would come to pray and give gifts for the Sage of Fire and the city is now the most heavily reinforced location in Goron territory.


Like Zunayus, the Death Mountain Crater is a super fortified city that forces invaders to attack from the east into bottlenecks and slugfests. The interior of the city is largely flat however, making artillery very powerful for invading forces and an absolute must when attacking. The city is divided into three tiers, each walled off and protected by a gate. The first two tiers can only be entered by bashing the gate down or scaling the walls with ladders, which are immune to all but the most powerful magic siege weapons. Once in the second tier armies can climb the mountains to the north and south and then descend a series of walkways into the Fire Temple, allowing them to take the plaza from behind. Less subtle forces can simply bash down the final gate to flood into the plaza.

Creator's NotesEdit

While the Water Temple was kept quaint and peaceful, the Death Mountain Crater and Fire Temple was made to be bombastic and epic in scope. I also wanted the map to be a good place for siege weapons battles, encouraging both the invaders and defenders to make use of artillery and other heavy explosives.