Flame Pact
Hyrule Historia
Mission #22
Aqua Mortem

Death Mountain Defense is the twenty-second Hyrule Historia mission, the sixth in the Gerudo Wars arc. The Zora continue their march into Goron territory, predictably preparing to assault the largest Goron Rupee mine at Gor Forgaru. King Farkos Zora De Bon XVI of the Dominion plans on overseeing the invasion personally, a fact King Darunia hopes to exploit to his advantage.

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 22 Playthrough

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 22 Playthrough


  • Dangoro: You were right, they came after the biggest Rupee mine.
  • Darunia: Predictable fish heads.
  • King Farkos (arrives at the mine and speaks to Darunia): I am King Farkos Zora De Bon the sixteenth!
  • King Farkos: I have come to annex Death Mountain in the name of the Dominion!
  • Darunia: The mountain is ours, get lost!
  • King Farkos: If you surrender now I shall spare the life of every Goron!
  • King Farkos: Provided you adopt Zora law and cede these mines to me!
  • Darunia: No more talk. You will turn around or fight!
  • King Farkos: Goron filth...

Darunia jumps on the back of King Dodongo inside the mine.


Team 1 Team 2
Zora Dominion
Zora Dominion
Zora Dominion
Zora Dominion


Darunia leads King Dodongo in a rampage, killing every Zora in their path. King Dodongo is eventually killed by the Zora Mages, causing Darunia to fall down and part of his armour to break, but he continues to fight his way towards King Farkos. Darunia kills King Farkos' battlecrab mount, causing him to fall down, then uses this opportunity to crush the Zora King's skull.

  • Darunia: Death Mountain belongs to the Gorons!

The Zora army flees while being pursued by the Gorons.

  • Dangoro: Maphaeus has blessed us this victory!
  • Dangoro: The Zora will never invade us again!
  • Darunia: No, the Zora will return one day.
  • Darunia: We have to put a stop to them once and for all.
  • Dangoro: Invasion...?
  • Darunia: Invasion!

An image of the Mirror of Twilight forms behind Darunia, then quickly disappears.