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Deku Prime, also called Deku Palace, is the capital of the Deku Tribes, located to the east of Kokiri Forest.


Deku Prime was the first official attempt of the Deku to build a city on record. Unlike many of their other attempts this one was successful and has been expanded upon over the centuries. Being the largest Deku base in the land of Hyrule it has likewise been the favored location for any Deku King's throne. The city and its palace have been constantly attacked by Kokiri, Lizalfos, and Monkeys in the Kokiri Forest and Faron over the centuries, though this is mostly retaliation due in part to the hyper aggressive invasions of the Deku Scrubs. Despite almost always being under siege Deku Prime has shockingly never fallen into enemy hands and has been able to maintain a relatively stable look.


The city can be attacked from all sides, though troops cannot move into the city from the east because of mountains. The easiest path is from the west which unweaves in a straight line right to the Palace's plaza. The plaza can be attacked from the north and south as well, though troops will have to navigate around the outlying suburbs. All three of these paths require wading across shallow water and will slow down cavalry and siege equipment. Trebuchets and other siege weapons can easily lob projectiles into the plaza area by parking themselves on the mountains to the east, though it's usually time consuming to move them up there. As mentioned before there are also numerous secret passageways that can be taken by infantry and archers if you know where to right click. The most obvious passageways are the three elevated logs that span the palace. Troops can climb and walk along these logs to reach certain areas of the palace. It can be a gamble fighting on these walkways, they are so narrow that only one troop will be able to fight at a time on them. Two similar logs can be found outside of the Palace crossing the water and connecting it to the suburbs.

Creator's NotesEdit


A close up of the Tribute to Elisabeth Styles.

The Deku Palace was made to be similar enough to the Majora's Mask incarnation to be recognizable at first glance, but there are a lot of differences to accommodate the size of large armies. Because of the increased size I sort of went crazy with gardens. I also wanted to give the impression that there are lots of secret passageways all over the palace (which there actually are). It just seemed to fit the Scrubs well.

The garden behind the Palace is dedicated to Elizabeth Stiles. She does the voice of Norin in my other RTS game Sigma. If was not for her this mod would probably not even exist.