Deku Tree's Grove


Kokiri (Capital)


West-Central Kokiri Forest




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The Deku Tree's Grove is the capital of the Kokiri, located at the heart of Kokiri Forest.


The Deku Tree's Grove is a Kokiri city built around the resting place of the Great Deku Tree. It is relatively young compared to some of the more well known cities in Hyrule, likely because the Kokiri have only been around for several centuries. Within the grove the Great Deku Tree has been slowly transforming the Kokiri from their Hylian ancestry into a new being of plants. It is his hopes that they will transcend their more primal and animalistic nature in order to become one with the forest, and he sees to that goal by watching over the Kokiri at this location.


There are two bottlenecks into the city through stumps to the south and west. Armies are extremely vulnerable while passing through these short but narrow corridors. Infantry can scale the barriers to the north to make a dash at the plaza in the Deku Tree's Grove, but all cavalry and larger units are forced to head east and loop back around to the west to get to the plaza. Like the two narrow entrances, cavalry will have to pass through another pair on their way to the plaza.

Creator's NotesEdit

The Deku Tree's Grove was intended to look very close to its Ocarina of Time counterpart. It essentially is the same city, just on a larger scale to accommodate large groups of soldiers and the much larger population. Overall I wanted a very peaceful and quiet look to the city to capture the simplicity of the Kokiri.