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Demise is the capital of the Moblins, designed by and named after Demise, the demonic god of the Moblins. It is located to the far southwest of Hyrule, and is the westernmost settlement in the Freeform Campaign.


The fortress of Demise was carved out of a giant black stone in the Old Moblin Kingdom. Orchestrated by the demon of the same name and crafted by thousands of Moblin workers, the Fortress was undoubtedly the pinnacle of Moblin accomplishments. The fertile land around the black rock made it the economic center of the great Moblin Kingdom in ancient times. The Fortress eventually came under siege some five thousand years in the past. Ancient Hylians lead by Hylia toppled much of the city to the ground and scorched it for several months. The land was rendered infertile and the Moblin Kingdom fell apart. While the main tower has been reconstructed various times over the centuries, the fortress of Demise never really recovered from the genocide and has remained largely in ruins. The Moblins have instead preferred to set up primitive housing inside the ruins and make use of the chaotic rubble for defense.



Demise before its destruction.

The fortress of Demise can be invaded from all sides except the southwest. The northeast yields the path of least resistance for invaders and a well controlled battering ram can reach the gate there in short order. This area is probably the most easily dependable however; expect plenty of archers to be stationed on the walls flanking the gate. The northwest and southeast gates can likewise be invaded and battered down if a little more travel time is not a concern. Once inside the city there are three rather open routes to the center plaza. These routes can be easily flanked by defenders however. Moblins are likely to come charging from the gaps between tents and towers from both sides of your advancing forces. Overall the spacing of the interior of the city is designed to allow the Moblins to do what they do best: charging.


The siege and destruction of Demise is detailed in the fourth Hyrule Historia mission, Demise of a Goddess, where Hylia leads the Ancient Hylians to burn the fortress and slaughter the Moblin inhabitants.

Creator's NotesEdit

I wanted the crown of the Moblins to look like a barren and scorched wasteland that appeared to have at one time been something far more glorious and awe inspiring. Since the Moblins collapsed into loosely organized barbarians after their homelands were burned to the ground I figured they would not bother to rebuild their ruined cities and instead set up more primitive tents and houses in the rubble. As such there's a clear distinction between the black stone of the ancient Moblin city designed by Demise and the primitive wooden tents that have been chaotically cluttered on the echo of the Moblins' past.