Diplomats are a type of agent in Hyrule: Total War's freeform campaign, tasked with handling diplomatic negotiations with other factions.


A diplomat costs 500 rupees and require an embassy to recruit. All factions can recruit diplomats except for the River Zora, and Gohma.


The main statistic of diplomats is Influence. Successful diplomatic engagements will give your diplomats more Influence, making subsequent negotiations more likely to succeed. Diplomats can also gain Influence by standing in foreign regions, regions which do not share your religion or without a religion that has a significant majority. Conversely, failed negotiations and staying in relatively religiously homogenous regions can reduce Influence.

The most important factor for diplomacy is your reputation. Bad reputations, like 'Despicable' or 'Dubious', don't expect much success. A good reputation, like 'Very Trustworthy', will make make diplomacy easier. The next most important thing is relations - this is perhaps equally important to reputation, but this varies from faction to faction, while reputation is universal.

During diplomatic negotiations, the player will be has a number of diplomatic options.

  • Alliance - An allied faction is far less likely to attack a player, as attacking an allied faction results in a severe reputation loss, and more likely to enter war with a power that declares war on their allies.
  • Military Access - Gaining military access to an allied power will allow your armies to move through their territory without damaging relations with them.
  • Trade Rights - Trade rights open up that faction's trade routes to the player's caravans, increasing income and relations with that faction. Note that this does not affect the ability of merchants to enter a faction's territory.
  • Funds - A player can either request or offer a single payment or continuous tribute of rupees over several turn to another faction.
  • Map Information - The player can offer their current map information or request that of another faction.
  • Regions - The player can either offer or request a particular region or number of regions controlled by them and the other party, not including capital territories.
  • Attack - The player can offer or request and attack on a faction or factions. Note that this does not immediately declare war on said factions, but creates a "contract" that the agreeing party will provide military aid for a set amount of turns.
  • Ceasefire - The player can offer or request an end to hostilities between themselves and a faction they are at war with.


Faction Name Image Traits
Kingdom of Hyrule Diplomat Hylian diplomat Culturally Educated (+1 Influence)

Multilingual (+2 Influence)

Gerudo Arbiter Arbiter Stretches Loyalties (10% bonus on bribery attempts)

Cautious (+1 Personal Security)

Gorons Envoy Envoy Jovial (+1 Charm, -1 Violence)

Friendly (+2 Influence, -2 Personal Security)

Zora Dominion Ambassador Ambassador Patient (+3 Influence)

Multilingual (+2 Influence)

Kokiri Emissary Korok Friendly (+2 Influence, -2 Personal Security)

Empathic (+2 Influence, +1 Charm)

Ordona Province Courier Courier Culturally Educated (+1 Influence)

Friendly (+2 Influence, -2 Personal Security)

Lanayru Province Minister Minister Patient (+3 Influence)

Multilingual (+2 Influence)

Stalfos Representative Representative Threatening (+1 Influence)

Fearmonger (+1 Influence)

Moblins Moblin Peacemaker Peacemaker Threatening (+1 Influence)

Cautious (+1 Personal Security)

Deku Tribes Delegate Delegate Culturally Educated (+1 Influence)

Cowardly (-2 Influence, +1 Personal Security)

Darknut Legion Consul Consul Culturally Educated (+1 Influence)

Naturally Swift (+1 Movement Point)

Lizalfos Word Crafter Wordcrafter Changes Loyalties (30% bonus on bribery attempts)

Secretive (+2 Influence, 5% bonus on bribery attempts)

Sheikah Cadre Manipulator Manipulator Wordcraft (+2 Influence)

Cautious (+1 Personal Security)

Labrynna Regime Chancellor Diplo Culturally Educated (+1 Influence)

Stretches Loyalties (10% bonus on bribery attempts)

Fairies of Tarm Messenger Messenger Culturally Educated (+1 Influence)

Multilingual (+2 Influence)

Order of the Wizzrobe Legate Legate Persuasive (+1 Influence)

Multilingual (+2 Influence)