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The smoldering ruins of Domain Prime.

Domain Prime is the capital of the Zora Dominion, located next to Lake Jabun, south of Death Mountain.


The heart of Zora civilization, Domain Prime was built near the shores of the Jabun reservoir; the source of most water in Hyrule. Snow from Death Mountain melts and runs off into this lake during spring, from which the Zora purify and cleanse the water before it's released downstream. Crafted from stone and brick and hardened coralmold, Domain Prime is a heavily fortified position that has yet to fall to any invader. This is partially because of the aquatic nature of the city: soldiers find it difficult to wade through the water and in most cases cannot even take over the underwater portions. The Zora Royal Family such as King Farkos and Princess Ruto rules from the golden throne room adorned with sapphire stained glass.


The main pathway down the center to the palace allows free movement of large armies, but there are numerous sidecroppings for Zora Infiltrators to hide in and spring an attack from behind. The raised aqueducts are perfect vantage points for Sapphire Wardens (or other long ranged archers occupying the city), while the round structures out in front of the city provide a level sniping point for Zora Mages to make the most of their attack. Invading the city is a very straightforward affair: Cavalry are limited to the long pathway down the center of the city to the plaza, making them nearly easy pickings for a mage spire, while infantry can move along the various canals that deviate.

Creator's NotesEdit

There are very few city references for the Zora, in most cases they simply live in caves so a large amount of creative freedom was taken to make their cities. Domain Prime was designed to be very bombastic and in-your-face: indulgence and excessiveness are everywhere in the gold and brass plated architecture of the city. Despite the fact that close ups reveal how spacious the city really is, I wanted the Zora capital to feel very claustrophobic. Perhaps the most important aspect and the reason the city feels so claustrophobic though is of course the water. Making a city suitable for a largely aquatic species while still being functional for land based armies was a nice challenge.