Dominion Valley is a canyoned region of Hyrule nestled between the Death Mountain Range to the north and the Kokiri Forest to the south.

Area Edit

Dominion Valley is one of the smallest regions in Hyrule, though it is home to one of the greatest and most prominent powers, as well as the source of the land's waters.

Dominion Valley Edit

The homelands of the graceful High Zorans. The Dominion's intricate structures and clear waters are undercut by labyrinthine caverns below.

Dominion Outskirts Edit

An area beyond Domain Prime closest to the forests of the south. A Zora city named for the goddess Nayru can be found in a small valley here.

Dominion Pass Edit

The area closest to Death Mountain beyond Domain Prime. In view of the Spool Swamp is a Zora city named for its romantic qualities.

Jabun Glen Edit

Named for the Oshunite who graced these hills in his search for refuge. Though the waterways have long since diverged, erasing his original path, the significance remains. A Zora settlement long since overtaken by Malkorbagia Cultists rests in the valley here, now a site of worship for the First Sage of Water.


In the Dominion Valley, we can find :

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