Druthulidi, sometimes collectively called Demons, is a name devised by the Ancient Hylians for a race of powerful and destructive godlike beings that originated on other worlds.


Druthulidi is likely derived from the Ancient Hylian words druthu (not of, unlike, different) and Lidi (Goddesses). The name likely means not of the Goddesses or those not made by the Goddesses in reference to the fact that the Druthulidi existed prior to the creation of Hyrule. The word is coined by Vaati and is later used by Hylia.


Druthulidi appearances vary, however there are some common traits they all share. All Druthulidi have chaotically positioned tentacles on their bodies and are generally black, dark violet, or dark blue in coloration. Their eyes are almost always red with yellow and green pupils, though the shape of their pupils tend to vary. All Druthulidi are physically genderless as the races of Hyrule understand, though many adopt genders or are assigned genders by their followers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The abilities of Druthulidi vary between individuals. Common powers that are shared amongst them are the ability to change size and form, as well as possessing other people through infection, physical force, or remotely through overpowering will. All Druthulidi are capable of breaking themselves down into smaller organisms and entities. Some Druthulidi like Majora are able to create entire armies via this method, while others like Vaati prefer to exist almost entirely in a disconnected state. The Druthulidi Iemanis created the entire race of Gohma by giving the entities he made some level of autonomy, allowing them to continue after he was destroyed. Druthulidi also have the ability to travel between worlds and planets, with certain beings like Demise being able to transport others alongside himself.

Notable DruthulidiEdit

The Anouki deity Kholdstare share many characteristics with the Druthulidi, though it is native to Hyrule and was born long after its creation instead of originating from other planets.