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The Parella are a playable faction in Great Sea: Total War.


The Empire of Bellum is a collection of aquatic races both native to Hyrule and of other worlds that serve the dark god, Bellum. Its most notable minions are the Parella; its most loyal and oldest servants and leaders of the Empire, and the River Zora of its previous conquest, whom serve as the military branch. Bellum employs lesser creatures to do its bidding as well, though the Parella and River Zora are its favourite since they can take and hold land targets.

The Empire of Bellum perpetuated a war between the three ancient factions of the Great Sea: the Lokomo, Oshus Empire, and Cobble Kingdom. It aided all three sides in destroying each other for countless decades, hoping that they would be weakened enough for an easy invasion. When the Lokomo and Oshus Empire discovered they were being played, they immediately withdrew all support from Bellum, leaving the Cobble Kingdom the only affiliate. Bellum's armies then took an active approach and marched upon its opposition. With victory in Bellum's grasp, the Ocean King turned to a last desperate measure; he created an army of unstoppable Phantom Knights. These constructs cut through Bellum's armies with ease, slaughtering countless Parella and River Zora. The Parella retreated to gather reinforcements, and the River Zora fled to other lands in the wake of this army. It was thus that thus Bellum became inactive for hundreds of years until being awoken by his servants again.

The Empire of Bellum is a very aquatic heavy faction. Though it technically has no navy, Bellum deploys powerful ocean monsters such as Gyorgs and Bigoctos, and many of its land units can also traverse the ocean and participate in naval battles. This minimizes the need to focus on two separate armies, as a land force can take to the seas if an enemy navy approaches.

Strengths, Weaknesses and AbilitiesEdit

  • The Empire of Bellum has an unmatched sea presence, with powerful aquatic creatures instead of navy warships.
  • All Empire land units are able to cross bodies of water, even those that cannot participate in naval battles.
  • Land force is unremarkable compared to other factions.

History Edit

Pre-Dawn of Hyrule Edit

The Empire of Bellum was first founded by the Parella as their aquatic homeworld was attacked by Bellum. Coming to worship the being as a god, they would build the Mirror Gates to aid Bellum in its travels and follow the Druthulidi from world to world, conquering or assimilating native species. The Empire would eventually come to incorporate the River Zora when their homeworld fell victim to it.



Siege WeaponryEdit




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