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The Great Deku Tree (creator)
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Fado is the fifth Sage of Forest, the fourth Sage of Winds of Hyrule and the husband of Saria.


Fado's name is like derived from the Deku word fadoa (speaker, preacher).


Stained glass depiction of Fado in Hyrule Castle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fado is a small Kokiri characterized by huge ears, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fado was given the ability to control the growth and transition of life from Saria, as well as Nabooru's powers over the forces of the wind. It is rumored Fado could trance anyone with his music should they listen to it long enough.


Little is known of Fado's personality other than his kindness and loyalty to Saria and his talents in music.


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The Return of SulkarisEdit

In 126 AG, Agitha and Mido lead an invasion of Gohma through the Kokiri Forest with the intent on attacking Palagard's Sanctuary and freeing Sulkaris. During their march they pass through Kanokiri, killing the Great Deku Tree and capturing Saria, which leaves the Kokiri without guidance.

His father figure dead and the Kokiri scattered and lost, Fado panics and retreats from the Kokiri Forest, wandering the northern realms of Hyrule for years. After Sulkaris and her Gohma are defeated, he finds himself captivated by the beauty of a rebuilt Lanayru Province. He sets up a violin crafting shop in Airu and begins a new life there.

When Saria returns to Lanayru Province with Princess Ruto she reunites with her old friend, and they set out together to explore eastern Hyrule and find as many Kokiri as they could with the hope of fulfilling Kasuto's final wish.

A Tale of Two SwordsEdit

With hundreds of Kokiri accounted for, Fado and his people begin transforming into Koroks. Saria is soon called by the other Sages however after Majora began its attack on Hyrule. Saria and Fado march with the entirety of the Kokiri to Hyrule Field, where they join with Hylian, Goron, and Zora forces to strike at Majora. Saria and the Kokiri participate in the assault of Hyrule Castle and are successful in defeating Majora. Their work complete, Saria and the Kokiri complete their transformation into Koroks and leave the northern shores of Hyrule into the Great Sea.

The Great SeaEdit

Sometime before leaving Hyrule, Saria had named Fado her successor. For reasons unexplained, becoming a Sage halted his transformation into a Korok until he later names Makar his successor.

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