Zora Farkos De Bon XVI


Zora Farkos De Bon XVI


King of the Zora Dominion






Queen Rutela (wife)
Princess Ruto (daughter)
Prince Ralis (son)



100 AG
Gor Forgaru, Death Mountain


Zora Spear

Music Themes

King Zora Farkos De Bon XVI is the ruler of the Zora Dominion.

Physical Appearance Edit

Contrary to the physical purity embraced by other male Zora, Farkos is an obese creature bearing a vague similarity to the male River Zora. He has light blue skin and small purple eyes, as well as small catfish-like sensory tentacles that appear to equate to beard along his lower face. According to his wife Rutela, as a young man he was apparently very handsome, for that was the reason why she chose to marry him.


Rise of GanonEdit

King Farkos was crowned by Lord Jabun a few years before the rise of Ganon.

In 0 AG, when the Zora guards at the Water Temple inform the Dominion about a Sheikah army that invaded Hylia Marine in search of the Triforce, King Farkos sends the general Rutela and an army to the temple to help defend the holy artifact.

First Golden AgeEdit

In 70 AG, King Farkos marries General Rutela, and together they have two children: Princess Ruto and Prince Ralis. When they later divorce, Ruto stays at the Domain with her father, while Rutela and Ralis move to Lanayru Province. King Farkos spoils his daughter from a very young age, making her frequently abuse her privileges and power. At some point before the onset of the Gerudo Wars, Farkos was gifted with a Battlecrab mount from Lanayru Province.

King farkos

King Farkos Zora De Bon XVI

Gerudo WarsEdit

In 100 AG, King Farkos launches an invasion of Death Mountain in an attempt to claim the enormous rupee mine Gor Forgaru for the Zora Dominion, and plans to oversee the operation personally. However, his plans were all correctly predicted by the Goron king Darunia, who, with the help of his new Dodongo allies, stops the Zora army in its tracks. Though the Zora manage to kill King Dodongo, they couldn't stop Darunia from confronting and challenging King Farkos to a duel. Despite having to fight on foot against King Farkos and his battlecrab mount, Darunia ultimately dismounts the Zora king and crushes his skull with a warhammer, bringing an end to the Zora invasion of Death Mountain.

King Farkos' invasion proves to be even more catastrophic while in the meantime, the Twili and the River Zora launch an invasion of Domain Prime, and with the bulk of the Zora army away on Death Mountain, the Zora Dominion is destroyed.


Bigocto Riders

Hero PowerEdit

Stand and Fight:
An allied retreating unit is instantly restored to full morale and full fighting effectiveness.

Preceded by:
King of the Zora Dominion
Unknown - 100 AG
Succeeded by:
Title abolished

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