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Faron Prime is the capital of the Lizalfos, located in the Faron Woods, roughly at the centre of Hyrule.


Faron Prime has had many owners in its short but active history. Originally built as the Eastern Palace by the Kingdom of Hyrule during the reign of Gustaf in an attempt to establish a Province in the southern Kokiri Forest, it was later seized by Bandits that used the temple as a base of operations. When these bandits were slaughtered by the Deku Trees Faron Prime was left empty for several decades until the Lizalfos took up residence after their exodus from Death Mountain. Since then Faron Prime has been kept in rather good condition and has been renovated by the Lizalfos to suit their needs. The central complex serves as the throne to their expanding empire as well as a vast training complex and sacrificial altar.


Faron Prime is set up in an shrinking grid pattern. As the enemy nears the centre of the city to capture the plaza there are increasingly more opportunities for the Lizalfos to use this pattern to flank invaders from multiple sides. Invaders can enter the city easily from the north and south and once in the city can move along the grid patterns as they work towards the plaza. Once the central palace has been reached armies can ascend from all directions to the plaza. While this may seem like the plaza defenders can be easily surrounded from all sides, a Lizalfos army will likely use the plaza as bait as they themselves double back on invaders and flank them from all sides.

Creator's NotesEdit

Faron Prime takes elements from many Zelda games to make something a bit different. At first I wanted to combine elements of the Eastern Palace from ALttP and the Forest Temple from Twilight Princess but instead opted for something a bit more fortress in nature that could support the shrinking grid pattern for optimal flanking potential.


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