Forest Fire
Hyrule Historia
Mission #21
Death Mountain Defense

Flame Pact is the twenty-first Hyrule Historia mission and the fifth one in the Gerudo Wars arc. A century long cold war between the Gorons and Zora comes to an end as armies cross borders into Death Mountain. Their eyes set on the vast riches of the mountains, the Zora march northeast in search of Goron mines. King Darunia plans to lure the Zora army with his miners into the Dodongo's Cavern in hopes of bringing the reptilian beasts against the Dominion and onto the Goron's side.

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 21 Playthrough17:53

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 21 Playthrough


The Gohma flee the Kokiri Forest.

  • Midna: The Gohma Hive was burned to the ground, their threat driven from the forest.

Saria and the Huskus Empress watch the crystallised Sulkaris being sealed away under Palagard's Sanctuary.

  • Midna: Sulkaris was sealed away under the watch of the Huskus, hidden as hostilities with Deku Scrubs and Lizalfos grew.
  • Midna: Just as the Kokiri Forest fell into a cold war, another one to the north was about to reach its boiling point...

Point of view switches to Goron armies mobilising on Death Mountain.

  • Darunia: Report!
  • Dangoro: The Royal Zora Army crossed the border last night. They march northeast.
  • Darunia: So it is war they chose.
  • Dangoro: We are strong but they outnumber us. What is your plan?
  • Darunia: The Zora have coveted our gems for ages.
  • Darunia: They head northeast, following our miners in hopes of stealing our riches.
  • Darunia: We will divert our miners away, the Zora will follow.
  • Darunia: Our miners will lure the Zora army into Dodongo's Cavern.
  • Darunia: We will close in behind while the Dodongos have their way.
  • Darunia: If the Dodongos survive, we may end our conflict with them and unite against the Zora.
  • Darunia: If the Dodongos all die, it will free up the mine for us.
  • Darunia: Either way, Gorons win, idiots lose.


Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Zora Dominion
Dodongo Warbands


Darunia and Dangoro confront King Dodongo when the Gorons are busy fighting the Zora.

  • Darunia: Care for some smoked fish?
  • King Dodongo: Dodongo dislikes smoke.
  • Darunia: And you dislike the Zora, who will come after you when they beat us Gorons.
  • Darunia: But all of us can stop them.
  • King Dodongo: Dodongo hatred runs deep for Gorons.
  • King Dodongo: We might not get along after all Zora are dead.
  • Darunia: What choice do we have?
  • Darunia: If we keep fighting each other, the Zora will kill us both.
  • King Dodongo: We will try and be friends.
  • King Dodongo: Just don't count on it after we kill every Zora.

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