The Freeform Campaign is Hyrule: Total War's ahistorical Total War-style campaign. It places all factions in the game (except for the specifically Hyrule Historia-exclusive ones) on a single map which does not follow the game's history: for example, despite starting at 0 AG, the Gerudo has already been inflicted with Ganon's curse, Bongo is already dead and turned into Bongo-Bongo, Queen Rutela is already ruler of Lanayru Province,... and many characters and factions which haven't existed yet (like Queen Ambi, Mayor Bo, the Twili,...) are pushed back to accommodate the date.

Game Modes Edit

The Freeform Campaign currently hosts two Gameplay modes- Vendetta and Domination. These modes differ in their complexity primarily in that, in Vendetta, a player must capture the capital territories of any "Rival Factions" in addition to conquering the required territories. These modes replace Medieval II: Total War's default Short and Long Campaign modes.

Vendetta Edit

Capture Rival Faction Capitals (Between 1-2)

Capture 20 Territories

Domination Edit

Capture 75 Territories

Hotseat Campaigns Edit


An example of a Hotseat Lobby.

A Hotseat Campaign is an online Freeform Campaign that can accommodate up to 8 players currently due to in-game glitches. Player take turns as their faction then usually email or otherwise transfer a save file of the campaign to the other players, whom upon entering the password for the their turn play there turn, and so on. Hotseat Campaigns are somewhat limited, as players cannot truly play against one another and must rely on the CPU to resolve battles on the battle map for them if another player engages them when it is not their turn, and have no means of effectively communicating in-game.

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