A page from Ganon's book, depicting his utopian vision for the world.

Ganon's Book is a large tome which he keeps with himself at nearly all times. While most Moblins, including his commanders, believe it to be a composition of his battle plans and tactical notes, it is in fact no more than a collection of crude childish drawings depicting his life and the world he will wish for upon obtaining the Triforce- a green paradise where everyone slain by the conflicts between Hylian and Blin is still alive. Ganon keep this fact hidden for fear that discovery will lead to his violent followers turning on him. The only individual to know the contents of the book besides Ganon is Ogalon, who reads it prior to the attack on Hyrule Prime. Upon his death it is left forgotten on the floor of the Fire Temple, treaden under the feet of Princess Nylin Zelda I.

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