Demise of a Goddess
Hyrule Historia
Mission #5
Unearthing Shadows
Ganon's Gambit is the fifth Hyrule Historia mission and the first one in the Rise of Ganon arc, set in 1 BG. Ganon's mother is murdered by invading Hylians, pushing him over the brink and leading him to vow revenge. With the help of Demise, Ganon spends his lifetime uniting the various Blin tribes to take on the Kingdom of Hyrule. Now in command of a substantial army, King Ganon sets out to capture Princess Zelda and secure the Triforce.
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In Ganon's house in the city of Demise.

  • Mother: Ganon where are you?!
  • Mother: Ganon you must stay hidden here.
  • Ganon: But I want to fight mother…
  • Mother: Stay hidden! The Hylians will butcher you!

A Hylian band of crusaders assault Demise. Ganon remains hidden in his house. Ganon's mother repels five knights, but is then overwhelmed. After the Hylians leave...

  • Ganon: Why do they kill us mother?
  • Mother: Ganon…
  • Mother: It is their way Ganon, they don’t know any better.
  • Mother: Don’t be like them my son. (dies)
  • Demise (appears behind the sobbing Ganon): What is your name young one?
  • Ganon: I am Ganon.
  • Demise: Ganon, a fitting name.
  • Demise: Nothing has changed since I left Hyrule.
  • Demise: Neither Hylian nor Moblin have dominated the other.
  • Demise: My people are butchered like animals by their hands.
  • Demise: I will not stand idle any longer.
  • Ganon: What can you do to stop those evil men? (looks up to see Demise)
  • Ganon (surprised): You! You’re…
  • Demise: Not what I will do, what you will do Ganon.

Many years later, Ganon becomes the sole King of the Blins. He gathers the Blin people at Demise.

  • Ganon (speaks to the Blins from the balcony of his tower): People of the Old Blin Kingdoms hear me!
  • Ganon: For centuries we have been oppressed by the Hylian monsters of the east!
  • Ganon: Prepare yourselves for war my followers, for I have come to unite us so that we may strike back!
  • Ganon: We shall avenge our fallen god and our countless ancestors that died at the hands of these tyrants! (leaves the balcony for the meeting chamber)

In the meeting room.

  • Ganon: I have brought you here because we all have a common enemy… the Kingdom of Hyrule.
  • Ganon: For many centuries since the fall of our god Demise our various tribes have been slaughtered by these barbarians.
  • Ganon: We are going to work together to put a stop to the Hylians once and for all.
  • Kajakoo: But Lord Ganon, the Hylian Gods will protect them against us! It’s why we’ve lost for so long!
  • Ganon: No they will not.
  • Drogalon: The Bokoblin Chief is right Lord Ganon. The Hylian Gods killed Demise. They have great power!
  • Ganon (puts a drawing of the Triforce on the table): This is the Triforce.
  • Ganon: This is the only divine power that Hylians have, and they have a law that stops them from using it.
  • Ganon: It’s locked up and sealed away.
  • Kajakoo: What does this have to do with stopping Hylian gods?
  • Ganon: The Hylian gods created the Triforce as they left the world behind.
  • Ganon: As they departed the land.
  • Ganon (slaps the table, angered at Kajakoo who doesn't understand): The Hylian gods are long gone you fool! The Hylians have kept us apart with fear!
  • Ganon: And now we have nothing to fear… nothing to stop us from stealing the Triforce.
  • Drogalon: But Boss, how do we get the Triforce? You said it was locked up!
  • Ganon (puts a map on the table): The King’s daughter Princess Zelda is passing through Lon Lon Ranch tomorrow.
  • Ganon: We are going to station the Moblins here, Bokoblins here, Forest Blins here, and Bulblins here around the road.
  • Ganon: When Zelda walks down this road tomorrow… we strike and capture her!!!
  • Ganon: Then all our combined armies with Catapults will attack Lon Lon Ranch from the south.
  • Ganon: We’ll use it as a base while we find out where the Triforce is from Princess Zelda.


Team 1 Team 2
Kingdom of Hyrule
Kingdom of Hyrule


Zelda is captured by Ganon.

  • Midna: After centuries of slaughter at the hands of the Hylians, King Ganon had united the Moblins and struck a terrible blow to the Kingdom of Hyrule.
  • Midna: With Princess Zelda his prisoner, it was only a matter of time before Ganon would find the Triforce and enact the revenge of Demise and his people.

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