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Ganon's Mother was an unnamed female Moblin who was the biological mother of Ganon.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Ganon's Mother was a large female Moblin, with brown fur and glowing yellow eyes. She was quite strong, even for a Moblin, being able to easily kill several armored Hylian soldiers with her bare hands before being killed.

Personality Edit

Gaon's mother displayed a compassionate and intelligent nature, warning her son to not follow a path of hatred and vengeance like their Hylian enemies. She was evidently a skilled warrior, as shown by her proficiency in spear and unarmed combat.

History Edit

Rise of GanonEdit

During a raid of Demise conducted by Hylian knights, Ganon's mother finds him hiding in a destroyed tent and tells him to stay hidden, and is subsequently attacked surrounded by a platoon of Hylians and manages to kill several of them with her spear and by snapping one's neck, but is overwhelmed and fatally stabbed. A young Ganon finds her as she dies, asking her why the Hylians kill their people, to which she responds that "they don't know any better," and warns him not to follow in their path, and expires.

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