On Thin Ice
Hyrule Historia
Mission #11
Dark Interlopers

Ganon's Wish is the eleventh Hyrule Historia mission and the seventh one in the Rise of Ganon arc. Ganon has taken control of the Fire Temple from the Gorons and is attempting to extract the Triforce from its cradle at Spectacle Rock. As Princess Zelda, lead a combined assault against Ganon's new Fortress with an army of Hylians, Sheikah and Gorons. Will Ganon's Wish finally be revealed?

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 11 Playthrough31:21

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 11 Playthrough


In a meeting between Zelda, Rauru, Impa and Darunia.

  • Darunia: My people have tried to warn you of Volvagian treachery for generations.
  • Darunia: But did the Kingdom of Hyrule listen? No!
  • Darunia: I now sit here dying from a Volvagia bite, the venom of Sage Dakkon himself!
  • Darunia: If only your prideful people listened to us Gorons, you’d not have another Sulkaris on your hands!
  • Princess Zelda: I am so sorry Darunia.
  • Darunia: Is a high and mighty member of the Royal Family apologising to a Goron?
  • Princess Zelda: Yes, I am so sorry my people did this to yours.
  • Princess Zelda: I personally apologise before you for the self-righteousness of the Hylians.
  • Princess Zelda: If you lend me your Goron armies, I promise to free your people when Ganon is dead. (kneels)
  • Darunia (stands up): Hearing such words from the Princess means a lot to a Goron.
  • Darunia: Perhaps there is hope that you will be humbled and lead with your heart, rather than your fist.
  • Darunia: I will help on one other condition…
  • Darunia: When this poison kills me… make me the next Sage of Fire.

Inside the Fire Temple.

  • Ogalon: Can you open it?
  • Ganon: It will take time, but I can. Then my wish will come to pass.
  • Ogalon: Why have you not told our people your real wish?
  • Ganon: They would not understand. Many would turn on me.
  • Ganon: Neither Blin nor Hylian would want such a change. It must be done without their knowing. (starts extracting the Triforce)

The sound of a horn is heard.

  • Ganon: That was a Hylian war horn…
  • Ogalon: You make your wish. I’ll deal with them. (leaves the temple)


Team 1 Team 2
Kingdom of Hyrule


  • Darunia (knocks Dakkon unconscious): Princess, run and kill the Moblin King now! Kill him before it’s too late!

Zelda enters the temple. Inside, Ganon finishes dispelling the seal, but can't find the Triforce.

  • Ganon: It’s not here…
  • Ganon: She played me!!!
  • Ganon: She played me like a puppet!!!
    (sits down and sobs)

Zelda enters the chamber and kills Ganon without being retaliated. Afterwards...

  • Impa: The Moblins are defeated. They and the Volvagians are in full retreat.
  • Impa: I was expecting the traitorous Sheikah to be here though, there’s no sign of them at all.
  • Princess Zelda: With Ganon dead it’s only a matter of time before we expose those interloping traitors.
  • Rauru: The Triforce is not here as we expected.
  • Princess Zelda: My father must have placed it in the care of the Zora at the Water Temple.
  • Princess Zelda: Why would Ganon and the traitor Sheikah attack the Fire Temple then?
  • Impa: There was no Sheikah here…
  • Rauru: There was no Triforce either…
  • Princess Zelda: Dear Goddesses…

The three quickly flee the Fire Temple.


The contents of Ganon's diary are finally revealed: crude, childish drawings of peaceful coexistence between Hylians and Moblins, amongst whom there are both King Nohansen and Ganon's mother, who have been killed beforehand. It was Ganon's wish to use the Triforce to end the millennia-long enmity between the two people and resurrect everyone who had to die because of it, but this wish never had the chance to come to pass. Zelda, Impa and Rauru never discover this, because they are too concerned with stopping Bongo from stealing the Triforce at the Water Temple.

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