The Garo Master is the leader of the enigmatic Order of Garo Ninjas in the Kingdom of Ikana.

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Garo Master








4962 AG
Ikana, Ikana Canyons


Dual Garo Blades

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Physical Characteristics Edit

The Garo Master is somewhat taller than other Garo, though still much shorter than an Ikanian, with a bowlegged stance. Like others of his kind, he obscures his features under robes and bandages. It is likely that underneath his robes he is a skeletal being, much like the other cursed inhabitants of Ikana.

Beta Description Edit

His name a secret to all in Ikana, the leader of the mysterious Garo came forth to Igos and spoke of traitors in his Kingdom. His intervention is often attributed to the start of the Ikanian civil war, though in truth he was only given the seeds to the Kingdom's undoing. Trapped within Termina when the Goddesses plunged Ikana from Hyrule, the Garo Master has been caught in between the Ikanian civil war for an untold number of centuries. Now freed of Termina, he continues the plot he had started ages past before they were interrupted.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

The head of the Kingdom of Ikana's Garo Order, the Garo Master was nonetheless manipulated by Majora into betraying King Igos du Ikana in a bid to take over the Kingdom and make it a vassal state of a new Garo Nation. In this scheme he enlisted the aid of Captain Keeta and his armies. They were unaware, however, that Majora had also manipulated Igos and his daughter Gomess into waring for the throne as well, and the Garo Master was subsequently slain in the ensuing 3-day Civil War and absorbed into Termina.

Bodyguard Edit

Garo Ninjas

Hero Ability Edit


Master Evasion: The Garo Master and his bodyguards become immune to instant kills.

Garo master

The Garo Master's in-game model.