Gate of Tarm

Gate of Tarm

Gates of Tarm are the ultimate 'artillery piece' used by the Fairies of Tarm.


If an enemy proved too great of a threat for even the magic of the Fairies, the Gates of Tarm were unleashed to end the war in as swift of an attack as possible. These utterly mysterious portals were transported into battle by a contingent of Fairies, who would dance and pray before the object. When the gate attacked, reality itself was ripped apart and entire swathes of soldiers, buildings, and the landscape vanished in an instant.


Name Description
Heavy Siege More accurate and deals more damage to buildings, but much less accurate against moving targets
Explosive Chance to instantly kill multiple enemies in attack
Nightmarish Extremely terrifying to all enemies without No Fear
Numerous Larger troop count


Gates of Tarm are recruited from the Tarminian Portal.

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