Gerudadorf are stealth assassins employed by the Gerudo in battle.

Description Edit

Armed with a pair of Katars, the Gerudadorf serves as battlefield assassins and ambush masters. Well trained in the art of stealth, Gerudadorf took advantage of both their environment and the chaos of battle to slip through enemy ranks and kill high-priority targets.


  • Light Surprise Attack Infantry

Their speed and skill in the art of assassination made Gerudadorf a terrifying trap to find oneself facing. They could easily sneak around enemy formations and murder high-ranking officers before being detected. Even in a melee the Gerudadorf were quite a challenge, able to stab into and pry off some of the heaviest armor with their Katars.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Stealth Can hide anywhere
Armor Piercing Attack ignores heavy armour
Nimble Footing 25% increased chance to parry melee attacks


  • Building: Security Compound
  • Time: 3 Turns
  • Cost: 350
  • Upkeep: 103

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