Gerudo catapult

Gerudo Catapult

Gerudo Catapults are stone throwers manufactured by the Gerudo.

Description Edit

The Gerudo have long used Catapults to attack enemy cities: it remained their most reliable siege weapon for centuries. Made form the wood of Desert Palms, they were very easy to construct and maintain. The boulders launched by these engines could take down just about any stationary target, be it walls, gates, or enemy towers.

Role Edit

  • Assault Siege Weapon

Gerudo Catapults were intended to break down enemy gates so armies could flood into a city. With a trained crew they could hit stationary targets with deadly accuracy. They were less effective at hitting moving targets, but a stray boulder could roll over a line of enemy infantry near an impact site.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Heavy Siege More accurate and deals more damage to buildings, but much less accurate against moving targets
Extra Ammo Larger store of ammunition than other units of its type
Easily Trained Trained faster

Recruitment Edit

  • Building: Workshop
  • Time: 4 Turns
  • Cost: 500
  • Upkeep: 175

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