The Gerudo Wars is the Fourth Act of Hyrule Historia, taking place between 99 and 101 AG. The era would be marked by the bloody conflict between the Gerudo people and the Kingdom of Hyrule from the fourth year of rule of Mahrala Zelda III's reign to her death, the ensuing Gerudo puppet state under the rule of King Agahnim, and his overthrow by their daughter Oraiya Zelda IV. The Gerudo Wars era would also see a war between Gorons and Zora and the subsequent fall of the Zora Dominion at the hands of a alliance of Twili Invaders and River Zora; the races of the Forest unifying to drive away the Gohma, and the end of the 5000 year-old Darknut Legion regime under the Druthulidi Vaati.

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