Glaive Grunts are light, low-level Gerudo spear infantry.

Description Edit

Scores of Glaive Grunts patrol the military bases across the Gerudo Desert, guarding the empire's borders and keeping a vigilant watch for any incursion. Armed with the Gerudo's signature glaive, these women could halt charging enemies and keep cavalry at bay.


  • Light Defense Spearman

Glaive Grunts were almost exclusively deployed as guards, only venturing to the frontlines of battle when numbers were necessary. They could halt light charges with their long reach, but their complete lack of armor made them poor fighters in any extended melee.


Name Description
Long Reach Bonus damage against all cavalry, immune to charges
Garrison Unit upkeep is free when stationed at city
Police Can maintain public order in stationed city

Recruitment Edit

  • Location: Watch Post
  • Time: 3 Turns
  • Cost: 300
  • Upkeep: 80

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