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Princess of Ikana






Igos du Ikana (Father)



4962 BG
Ikana, Ikana Canyons


Ikanian Scythe

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Gomess is the daughter of King Igos du Ikana, the last ruler of the Kingdom of Ikana.


Ancient AgeEdit

In 4962 BG, a masked man in a black cloak appeared before Gomess and promised her powers over the forces of nature if she would remove her father from the throne, while simultaneously convincing Igos that Gomess and the military officer Captain Keeta were going to rebel against him and take the Kingdom. Gomess, entertained at the idea, willingly accepted to betray her father.

When King Igos, paranoid that Keeta and his Garo allies were going to assassinate him, sent a squad of chariots to run down civilians, causing mass panic, Keeta immediately responded by going out of hiding and ordered his men to control the riot, beginning the Ikanian civil war. Gomess, seeing the opportunity, sent her Keese army to attack both Igos' and Keeta's.

With the help of Majora's spawn, Igos emerged victorious, but after three days of constant fighting, the capital of Ikana was in utter ruin. Igos, devastated to see his empire falling apart before his very eyes, cursed the Goddesses for betraying him and his loyalty. At this point Majora absorbed the entire Kingdom of Ikana into the twisted parallel realm of Termina, but the Ikanians and everyone else on Hyrule never know about this, mistakenly believing that the Goddesses punished Ikana for blasphemy and apostasy.


In Termina, the Ikanians are cursed to relive their three-day civil war for all eternity,

A Tale of Two SwordsEdit

Gomess cursed1

Cursed Gomess.

In 140 AG, after the deaths of Dethl and Demise - the last Druthulidi known to have survived - Majora begins its ascent from Termina by resummoning the Kingdom of Ikana into Hyrule.


Gomess' in-game model.


Gomess' undead model.