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Gor Forgaru is a Goron settlement taken over by Dodongos, located to the east of the Death Mountain range.


Gor Forgaru has long been one of the Gorons' chief operations on Death Mountain and is considered one of, if not the largest Rupee Mine in all of known Hyrule. Many empires have long coveted the site, notably the Zora Dominion directly to the south. As one of the Gorons' most well defended locations, the mine has never fallen to enemy hands in its long history.


Gor Forgaru is one of the few almost symmetrical maps. The settlement can only be attacked from either the north of south, both paths mirror each other almost perfectly. Four gates guard the entrance to the mine's courtyard, two on each end. Armies will have to march their rams up vulnerable slopes to take down the gates, while defending cavalry can charge down these ramps for easy trample kills. In between both gates are triple layered walls, perfect for Bomb Throwers and other ranged units. Enemy armies can cross and pull ladders up to these walls however, storming the mines with masses of infantry.


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