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The Gorons of Rolling Ridge are a unplayable faction in Hyrule: Total War consisting of the Goron colony of Crown Ridge.


In the easternmost realms of the mountainous border of the known world rested the Gorons of Rolling Ridge. Shy, reclusive, and a myth to many in Hyrule, this particular race of rockmen was quite distinct from their mineral-eating, lava-bathing brethren. Although it was quite easy to make friends with the passive fellows, finding them in the first place was a daunting task in itself.


  • The Gorons of Rolling Ridge will inquire about joining your empire if you maintain a positive diplomatic relationship with them and hold a successful alliance for more than ten turns.
  • RR map
    Completing the Mt. Cucco Migration event will result in the Gorons of Rolling Ridge offering to join your empire.





  • The Gorons of Rolling Ridge were planned to be included very early in Hyrule: Total War's development as an NPC faction called the Goron Colonists, which would have been based out of Nuun Highlands.
  • The Gorons of Rolling Ridge's foliage-covered appearance is a reference to the unexplained green tint on the Gorons appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.

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