Grand Central Hive


Gohma (Capital)


Misery Mire




Will of the Gohma





Grand Central Hive, also known as Gohma Grand Hive, or simply Grand Hive, is the capital of the Gohma. It is located at the heart of Misery Mire, northwest of Hyrule.


The Grand Hive was formed on the location where Sulkaris fell unto Hyrule from the Sacred Realm and first made contact with the Gohma. After she was destroyed by King Gustaf her consciousness remained within the majority of the Gohma and in due time she dominated them all. The Grand Hive was grown and constructed to house the largest nursery of Gohma eggs and Queens to lay those eggs. It has stood looming over the Misery Mire and activity amongst its countless inhabitants almost never ceases.

Within the the Hive's large radius is an abandoned fort, long since infested by the Gohma and absorbed into the Hive's infrastructure.


The Grand Hive is relatively easy to invade and can be attacked directly from the south, the northwest, and the northeast. While the open spaces leading to the plaza might seem like a poor defensive plan, this works into the Gohma's favour so that they can make the most of their huge soldier count. Small corridors and roads like most cities would essentially limit their number advantage.

Creator's NotesEdit

The Grand Hive was designed to look organic, alive, and menacing. Avoiding other similar concepts such as Zerg and Tyranids was important to set the Gohma apart and avoid becoming another clone of similar hive races. The colour scheme certainly was a major factor: instead of the all too common brown and flesh look the Gohma architecture is covered in thick dark green and teal exoskeleton plating. Black and turquoise veins run along the covering of the structures while batches of eggs foretell the arrival of countless more newborn larvae.


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