The Graveyard is a building exclusive to the Stalfos. It's the only thing that the Stalfos can build. A graveyard can be constructed in any settlement for 1000 rupees.

Description Edit

Allows the animation of basic Staltroops for military action. Also allows the Stalfos to animate the undead of other races depending on region.


Upon completing a Graveyard a Stalfos player can use it to animate the buried dead of the region it's located in. As such the corpses that the Graveyard can create depend on where the settlement is located; you will not be raising Gerudo skeletons in Labrynna for instance. The number of soldiers a Graveyard can raise is also finite, eventually you'll exhaust a region of corpses and will have to go on a slaughter for your Necromancer.

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