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Greshou is a town of Lanayru Province located on the far northeastern coast of Hyrule. Among the last surviving cultureal centers of the fallen Zora Dominion, it is home to Greshou Library, a vast and largely unoccupied privately owned structure believed to be the sanctuary of the First Sage Malkorbagia.

Etymology Edit

Greshou refers to a library, particularly a one of great size, in High Zoran.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

Greshou was constructed by the first Zora who settled Lanayru Province, and as such retains much of its High Zoran aesthetic and culture compared to the rest of Lanayru Province.

Second Golden Age Edit

After the Fall of the Zora Dominion, the surviving High Zorans fled to Lanayru Province, many settling in Greshou. As of 126 AG Greshou could be considered a microcosm of Dominion culture amid the Province.

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

In 126 AG, Greshou Library is attacked by Sulkaris' Gohma in a bid to kill Malkorbagia, the First Sapphire Sage. Much of the city's populace of High Zorans is able to evacuate, but the city's defenders are overrun.

Sulkaris breaches the library, ordering her Armagohma to incinerate the wealth of knowledge within, and kills Malkorbagia, forcing Demoko to directly intervene with his Oocca forces.

The city is heavily damaged in the ensuing battle between Gohma and the Oocca perimeter army, and ultimately completely obliterated by the Aura, leaving nothing but a massive, glassy crater.

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