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Baron Halthor is a influential Keaton robber baron who arranged to steal a powerful necromancy artifact from the Gerudo for Akazoo Vapith. She's often accompanied by a rogue Hylian wizard named Felonius.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Halthor is a Keaton who has distinctive long black hair. She wears a black tunic and is adorned with a host of jewelry, including multiple golden earrings and jeweled diadem.

History Edit

Second Golden Age Edit


Some time after the end of the Gerudo Wars, the wizard Felonius, a renegade Hylian member of the Order of the Wizzrobe, comes to serve Halthor, then already a prominent robber baron in the Keaton Cartel.

In 125 AG, Halthor is commissioned by Akazoo to steal the Goronu from the custody of the Gerudo. She loses nearly half of her men during the heist as the Gerudo were willing to station an entire army to guard the mysterious artifact.

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

When Halthor comes to her manor at the Vigjaro Glade to sign her deal with Akazoo, in exchange for the Goronu he presents her Princess Tetralyna Zelda V, imprisoned in a pocket prison. Halthor is pleased with how King Kazakk will pay her a fortune to return his daughter, but the deal is interrupted by Kazakk with an army hellbent on bringing Akazoo to justice. Akazoo takes the Goronu from Halthor's hands and uses it to raise an army of Stalfos to help the Keatons defend the manor. Throughout the battle, Halthor cowers under the manor's main dining table and is subsequently arrested by the Hylians.

While in captivity in the Hylian army, Halthor and Felonius were the first people to notice an army of Wizzrobes preparing to ambush the Hylians. They decide not to inform the Hylians, but instead intend to use the incoming Wizzrobe attack as a means of escape.

When the Wizzrobes attack, Felonius and Halthor attempt to enact their escape plan only to be stopped by the King himself, who demands to know what they're doing. When Felonius offers to lead the Hylian army to one of the Keaton Cartel's nearby hideouts, the King frees them and orders them to lead the way. During the battle against the Wizzrobes, Halthor and Felonius slip away, only for Halthor to be later recaptured and imprisoned inside Hyrule Prime.

Trivia Edit

  • When bartering with Akazoo, Halthor references two secrets from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that have become infamous among the Zelda Community: The Stone of Agony item being useless for players lacking a Nintendo Rumble Pack, as well as the Unicorn's Fountain, a secret area that was to be included in the canceled Ura Zelda expansion for Ocarina of Time.

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