Hinox are giant cyclopean creatures employed by the Moblins as bomb throwers.


The Hinox of the Land of Famine have long been associated with Blin-kind, though they seem to be of a different ancestor. These fifteen-foot tall monsters look like a deformed mix of a giant Hylian and Moblin marriage gone horribly wrong, and some legends say they might have been the product of such unions thousands of years prior. All Hinox are known for their one eye. Despite what one would expect about depth-perception, Hinox have uncanny aim, and are excellent at tossing objects on-target.


Name Description
Trample Chance to instantly kill enemy in charge attack
Flame Attack Ground continues to burn on impact, damaging nearby enemies' morale
Explosive Chance to instantly kill multiple enemies in attack
Tenacious Deals much more damage than units of the same size


Hinox are recruited from the Half Breedin' Lover Shacks.