Hylia Marine


Kingdom of Hyrule


Southern Hyrule Field




Strict Goddess Worship (100%)


Medium - High


Cotton (1), Fish (1)

Hylia Marine is a Hylian town, located in South Hyrule Field on the shore of Lake Hylia, south of Hyrule Prime. It houses the Water Temple, which is not seen on the battle map since it's underwater.


The grounds of Hylia Marine was once a gathering place of the Hylian and Zora families where negotiations between the two people played out. Eventually the two races built the Water Temple, with the Hylians settling on the coast nearby. While a small guard of Zora remain at the Water Temple, the city is now pro-Hylian and under full authority of the Royal Family. It remains a popular vacation town and fishing hotspot for the Kingdom of Hyrule.


Hylia Marine is arrayed into a semi circle, its south end cut off by Lake Hylia. The most direct approach is a head on invasion from the north. The city can also be entered from the west and east, as can the plaza. Infantry can travel along the docks from the southwest and southeast to land themselves at the southern entrance to the city's plaza. The narrow quarters of the docks make them very easy to defend with artillery and archers though.

Freeform Campaign Edit

Hylia Marine begins the campaign as a Large Town-level Ruin with a wooden palisade, and far more critically, a port on Lake Hylia. It is also the location of the Water Temple. Despite being classified as ruins, the site cannot be excavated.

Creator's NotesEdit

Once again I don't have much to say about the design of this city. I wanted a very peaceful looking town with a lot of blue in it. I also wanted the docks to be a notable feature. While combat will probably mostly take place north of the docks, a crafty player might be able to pull off some sneak attacks with faster units by traveling along the docks.