Hylian trebuchet
Hylian Trebuchets are large stone throwers used by the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Description Edit

These towering siege weapons were deployed by the Kingdom of Hyrule during invasions of enemy cities. They could hurl giant flaming boulders with tremendous force and knock down the most sturdy of fortifications. Any enemy soldiers unlucky enough to be near the impact of these projectiles were usually crushed or burned in the resulting shockwave.

Role Edit

  • Assault Siege Weapon

The powerful force of the Trubuchet made them perfect for tearing down enemy gates, towers, and castles. Though their boulders could easily crush and kill enemy soldiers, their lack of accuracy made them somewhat clumsy to use against moving targets.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Heavy Siege More accurate and deals more damage to buildings, but much less accurate against moving targets
Explosive Chance to instantly kill multiple enemies in attack
Flame Attack Ground continues to burn on impact, damaging nearby enemies' morale

Recruitment Edit

  • Building: Siege Workshop
  • Time: 5 Turns
  • Cost: 500
  • Upkeep: 175

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